Seconds of Quaking... Years of Suffering

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Monday’s magnitude 7.8 earthquake that struck an area of 1,000 km in Syria and Turkey affected 13.5 Million humans. The death toll has surpassed 25,000 so far, 3,553 in Syria, 21,848 in Turkey, and numbers are on the increase. At least 6,486 buildings have been destroyed, and people have been under the rubble for 6 days since February 6th. Syrians are in massive need of all kinds of support, they lost their homes! Every second is a counted loss since five days. Help us save lives before it is too late. Donate now with anything you can to secure shelter kits, winter kits, dignity Kits for the affected ones, and to cover food kits for a full month for them to ease their pain in such catastrophic conditions.

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Syria and Turkey on Monday, February 6, Destroying citizens' homes, at least 6,486 buildings were wiped off existence, at least 3,553 lives in Syria, and 21,848 in Turkey were ended under the rubble of such a catastrophe. This is not the end of bad news yet, as death tolls are still on the rise with ongoing digging and searching under the rubble for bodies, dead or alive.

Those are the same people who have been seeking refuge all over the planet for 12 years escaping the crisis and seeking just peace. They suffered discrimination, abuse, rejection, racism, and lived in tents known as informal settlements. The same people are struggling today to catch a breath under the rubble of a frightening earthquake, knowing that 15 million humans in Syria were already in need of humanitarian assistance before this tragedy.

While 95 countries have coordinated help to Turkey, and offered aid and rescue teams, which is very important and life-saving in such urgent humanitarian cases, northern Syria stayed aidless, doomed, and lacking humanitarian aid, There are huge efforts done by Syrian citizens and civil society organizations digging and searching for their families with their own hands under the destroyed pieces of what once was "HOME" to them.

While more bodies are being dug out, some dead and some alive, your donations can make a difference.

Donate now to provide tents, mattresses, heat, dignity kits and a month of covered food supplies for those who lost their homes and families.


Thanks to the generous support of our donors, INMAA has successfully delivered essential aid to those who were impacted by the earthquake. Their contributions have allowed us to extend a helping hand to a total of 1,232 families dealing with home damages. Furthermore, at least 1,582 families have benefited from our assistance programs encompassing cash aid, food support, non-food items, and vital medical assistance.
With winter on the horizon, our commitment to aiding those in need remains solid. We hope to continue our efforts with the support of our donors. Click Here