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What we do?

We dedicate our work to the coverage of the needs of the people and general society. We aim beyond sustainability, we study the targeted situations and allocate innovative, long lasting solutions that provide actual change and living improvements.

Inmaa In Years


Kick Off

Inmaa was founded in 2003, with the intention to serve the marginalized populations, from stateless people to Bedouins. Inmaa grew gradually with the needs that were becoming tough to deal with as a startup until reaching a stage of community self-sufficiency.

2006 War Israel Lebanon

Israel's war erupted on Lebanon, forcing with it the internal-displacement of people from the Southern part of the country towards the Bekaa region. Inmaa prioritized assisting these innocents and covering their needs during the 33 harsh days of war.

Education in Crisis

The gradually escalating Syrian Crisis displaced hundreds of thousands of families to Lebanon. Inmaa stepped on ground in direct response to the needs of the enormous numbers of Syrian citizens, providing basic needs, relocation and sheltering of the newcomers and assisting students with full tuition coverage and suitably adjusted curriculums


Inmaa built "Al Andalus" private school in 2014 providing covering full tuition for 300 students annually. Inmaa financially supported the vulnerables arriving with the influx by distributing 150 US dollars to 135,000 families and opened a primary healthcare center “Al Faour PHC” in 2017 in Central Bekaa, aiding more than 8,000 families inclusively until this day, followed with the opening of other PHCs in Bekaa area

Beirut Port explosion emergency Response

When Beirut's national port got pulverized by one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in history, Inmaa responded immediately by repairing 142 houses and SME commercial units, distributing 5120 food parcels and 50,000 facemasks, aiding 10,600 families inclusively.

Scaling Up

Inmaa confronts the future challenges with a fresh approach, a total reform on organizational levels, and team capacity building equipped with the proper systems and operational capacity to respond to the evolving demands. Inmaa developed a new vision for the upcoming years, board members, and trained a coreteam to accomplish this vision with an improved and digitalized online presence to expand its reach.

Bridging The Gap

INMAA is dedicated to providing ongoing support to the local community, with a special focus on the most vulnerable members of society, including youth, women, and people with disabilities. We recognize that these individuals face unique challenges and barriers, and our aim is to address their essential needs in key areas such as education, healthcare, and livelihood development.

From Emergency Aid to Recovery

The year began with a huge disaster the likes of which modern history has not witnessed. Inmaa's emergency response to the Turkey-Syria earthquake was swift and effective, allocating medical resources to Syria within the first week. In the long term, Inmaa continues to coordinate efforts to provide shelter and food security, supporting recovery for those affected by the disaster.
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