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Fundraiser Seconds of Quaking... Years of Suffering

10 months ago

Monday’s magnitude 7.8 earthquake that struck an area of 1,000 km in Syria and Turkey affected 13.5 Million humans. The death toll has surpassed 25,000 so far, 3,553 in Syria, 21,848 in Turkey, and numbers are on the increase. At least 6,486 buildings have been destroyed, and people have been under the rubble for 6 days since February 6th. Syrians are in massive need of all kinds of support, they lost their homes! Every second is a counted loss since five days. Help us save lives before it is too late. Donate now with anything you can to secure shelter kits, winter kits, dignity Kits for the affected ones, and to cover food kits for a full month for them to ease their pain in such catastrophic conditions.


Fundraiser Deaf and dumb

6 months ago

Helping deaf and mute people is an important issue that requires attention and thought. Deaf and mute people experience daily challenges in communication and social participation, as they find it difficult to relate to others and express their thoughts and feelings in traditional ways. However, technology has evolved and many tools and techniques have emerged that help enhance communication and improve their quality of life.

Fundraiser The clock is ticking: Caring for People’s Health

3 months ago

In Lebanon, the well-being of the people is in danger due to a dire healthcare situation exacerbated by economic crisis, currency depreciation, and widespread departures of healthcare workers have left only government hospitals to offer fundamental healthcare. Furthermore, vulnerable people are finding it difficult to get medical treatment; purchase chronic diseases medications, due to the financial crisis, as they are either not taking prescribed medications or skipping a day or more to do so. Not to mention the cancer patients dying because they cannot obtain their meds, along with the kidney dialysis high fees pushing patients to stop seeking the treatment. We urgently want your assistance to address this issue. Thousands of lives are at risk if no action is taken immediately. Your contribution has the potential to be a lifeline for the people of Lebanon, bringing hope and health to those in severe need.

Join us in this critical mission. Donate today and make a difference.

Fundraiser Today's sole distinction is the timing

a month ago

Today's sole distinction is the timing.
Contribute to avert the worst!

Lebanon and Israel have maintained a fragile truce marked by ongoing concerns over potential breaches by Israel. Among the Arab nations engaged in conflict with the Israeli entity, Lebanon has borne one of the most significant burdens, surpassed only by Palestine.