Today's sole distinction is the timing

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Today's sole distinction is the timing.
Contribute to avert the worst!

Lebanon and Israel have maintained a fragile truce marked by ongoing concerns over potential breaches by Israel. Among the Arab nations engaged in conflict with the Israeli entity, Lebanon has borne one of the most significant burdens, surpassed only by Palestine.

 The threat of invasion and various forms of bombardment, including the use of phosphorous bombs, has persistently loomed over us. Recent atrocities in Palestine further underscore the ruthlessness of this adversary, displaying a disrespect for the lives of children, the elderly, women, and combatants, with no regard for established international conventions, humanitarian principles, or even the sanctity of civilian havens like hospitals, schools, and universities—all subjected to the brutality of destruction and massacres. Certainly, Lebanon did not escape these violations, bearing witness to the targeting of journalists, farmers, children, and civilians at large. Additionally, southern Lebanon has endured daily bombings since the beginning of the Gaza war on October 7th, leading to the displacement of thousands of Lebanese to different regions across the country. The escalation of bombings gradually swelled the numbers, eventually rendering the border areas nearly uninhabitable. 
Present-day Lebanon finds itself unable to endure the burdens of war, being fundamentally ill-prepared for such a crisis. The Lebanese people are already grappling with an economic and political downturn, the devaluation of their currency, soaring rates of unemployment and poverty, and a health sector that is teetering on the edge due to the departure of key medical professionals and healthcare workers. Moreover, the persistent and widespread electricity shortages across all regions of Lebanon exacerbate the situation, significantly hampering crucial sectors essential for the nation's well-being.
"Donate now and contribute to averting the worst. Today's sole distinction is the timing."